RMS - The future of Shopfitting

At RMS SHOPFITTING we have a profound understanding of the retail market spanning Sports & Lifestyle, Hospitality, House & Leisure, Fashion, Consumer Electronics, Banking, Healthcare and much more – we supply our clients with premium creative and practical shopfitting solutions.

With an excellent reputation in the industry, RMS SHOPFITTING has carried out major commissions throughout Africa, as well as manufacturing for clients in Japan, the United Kingdom and Europe. As a proudly South African Company we are continuously growing our global footprint in the retail industry. Today the company has an indisputable record over its forty years of manufacturing. We are committed to continuously improving our product and service offering, while adapting to the changing conditions. As one of Africa’s leading shopfitting company our commitment is to service and quality.

Our Services

Project Management

Project Management is an integral part of our service offering and enables us to manage the process from start to finish, ensuring that our clients are 100% satisfied at the completion of any specific project.


With an integrated manufacturing process and a factory with over 7000 square meters of floor space, we are able to manage every job from the design and planning stage.


There are many variables when managing an onsite installation – building logistics, other contractors onsite and, of course, client deadlines. Our teams will work around the clock to ensure that we meet every deadline.
125 employees
100 Skilled Craftsmen
50 Years Experience
2650 and More Completed Projects